• Hello all.

    Today I did Japanese with Yasushi-sensei all by myself, it was pretty cool! We watched the anime Pop Team Epic and it was fun! The show is actually very funny and it was cool to see someone older […]

  • Even (@chimp) and I have started on a new project, something I find very exciting! The idea is to create an internet inside of Minecraft. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Compiled by: Nariman Moustafa

    What is this all about?
    In the summer of 2016, in partnership with Agile Learning Centers, I conducted a 12 day training for facilitators on self-directed and agile education. Below is a combination of the documentations and testimonials participants created during and post the experience. I see these pieces and…[Read more]

  • “Open Source Software” are programs where the source code of the program is public.

    When anyone can read the source code there are more people who will find problems with the code and report them. This means […]

  • ThumbnailLast weekend me and @douglasawesome decided it would be fun to participate in Ludum Dare to see what kind of game we can dish out in only 72 hours.

    If you don’t know what Ludum Dare is, it’s name is Latin for […]

  • I want to preface by saying that scientifically speaking, you can’t. You’re living 13 milliseconds behind everything else. This is how long an image takes to go from your retina to your brain.

    Of course, you […]

  • LYLA posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    This Thursday was my sister’s birthday, so i gave her a drawing I made for her a couple of weeks ago. My Nana and Gumpa were also here, so I got to hang out with them! David found a LOT OF AWESOME PAPER IN THE ART ROOM and I love playing with that. I made some pretty dresses for my characters. I also went to the park today. Plus I made a present…[Read more]

  • logan wrote a new post, Lolcat1|500, on the site LIKE_A_BOSS 5 years, 5 months ago

    Take 2-3 hours off computers today to support Alfie and Computers at the end of the day and Spam Adin on steam and Play MC and Thimgs and Rcf and Cook noob

  • I  want
    to build a tiny house
    a   house   that’s   very   small
    I want a house shaped like an egg
    with    white    and    earthen    walls

    I want a mattress on the floor
    I want a desk to think
    I want a […]

  • The heart of a ship is its bell. Often the first piece of bright work to be polished and when a ship has reached the end of its life, it’s the last piece removed from the boat. Bells sound the meals, keep the […]

  • I can just hear @artbrock saying, “Imagine those 16th century kids, spending their money on books, spending all day reading while their parents muttered, ‘These darn kids…Wasting their days reading while they […]

  • LYLA posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    This week I went to the MOMA to see the Bjork exhibit. I also got to complete 10 more pages on my comic, went ice skating and got to be a chair.

  • Ayan wrote a new post, Awesome Week, on the site Ayan Loves School 5 years, 7 months ago

    I learned morse code with Andrew and Dan. It was awesome.

    Letters I remember

    c = _._.

    a = ._

    t = _

    o = _ _ _

    h = …

    I played outside. I played chess but lost almost every time. I feel okay […]

  • LYLA posted an update 5 years, 7 months ago

    Today was cool because I went ice skating!!! My clone, Colette, was there also. I made a potato on the Ice, and did some dancing.

  • HI! why are there now 118 peeps on this web? last time there were 101 and then 116!

  • Tomis posted an update 5 years, 8 months ago

    @tinocraft44 check it out: http://www.brainpickings.org/2013/04/25/2013-isaac-asimov-memorial-debate/
    [bpfb_link url=’http://www.brainpickings.org/2013/04/25/2013-isaac-asimov-memorial-debate/’ title=’
    What Is Nothing? A Mind-Bending Debate about the Universe Moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson | Brain Pickings ‘…[Read more]

  • bear wrote a new post, Personal Utopia, on the site Bear 5 years, 9 months ago

    I asked Milo for a prompt, and he said:

    What would a day in your personal utopia be for you?

    I said “thank you.”

    The following does not represent a day in my personal utopia, but a week.

    I do know that this week I started casting little wax sculptures of myself with a mold I made six years ago. I started drawing pictures and comics of a character named Morvin. I worked on the Cloudhouse site a bunch, staying up until 2:00 AM on it last night. I got clearer about my commitment to integrity, trust in self directed learning, and non-attachment. I spent a whole cloudhouse day playing minecraft. I read more about the world-changing power of video games and games in general. I went for a walk to practice E-prime. I shoveled snow in my underwear at midnight (I wore gloves and boots, because it seemed unwise not to). I assembled a playlist of NPR tiny desk concerts for Lily. I participated in two change-up meetings that seemed to move things in new ways in Cloudhouse (having @timotree here made an enormous different). I talked to my Dad about my grandma’s passing. I spoke with Twaif about his struggle to get an ALC started in his Village in Kayunga, Uganda.

    I live in a utopia already, and I still find myself getting slurchy, and grungky, and glum! What the heck?!

    How, with all this exactly perfect stuff, can I not in awe of everything all the time?

    I don’t know!

    A day in my personal utopia would look like any day in my personal utopia. I would just stay present to the Mystery the whole time.

    Starting next Saturday I will take a silent week so I have to stay a little more present to the mystery by not blabbing about it so much!

    love, foolish love, Love,


  • Pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Adin wrote a new post, (no title), on the site The cookie factory 5 years, 9 months ago

    i got a new phone it is aweeeeessssoooommmeeee i started a book called son and my list has been great i Played MC with Ryan and Alfie i a built TNT cannon in that world i got a burrito today and i did not watch […]

  • ThumbnailWe drove the van to the ferry and over to Whidbey Island where we went to visit the Whidbey Institute.

    Once we arrived our guide Robert met up with us. We introduced ourselves and talked a bit about what our […]

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