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    I went to create a new document and wanted to create a table instead of a list for a birthday list – is this something that is possible now and I just couldn’t figure it out or is that not an available feature?

    Also, what documents can you upload to the site?  It seemed like this was a possibility but then it wouldn’t accept my word document.


    Sarah Coble, an ALC Mosaic parent who is not particularly tech savy 😉


    Dave P.

    If you use Text mode instead of Visual mode, you can use HTML markup.

    <tr><td>Column Header</td><td>Column Header</td></tr>

    You may also be able to save your Word doc as HTML, then copy and paste as needed.



    I had pretty good success copying and pasting a table from a google doc.

    I assume that copying and pasting from a word doc would be similar.

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    Thanks for the advice – I shall try the cutting and pasting idea next time.  Dave, I think your approach may be slightly more advanced than I can handle right now but appreciate you trying to help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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