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    <div>Hello my friends,</div>
    <div>We opened a school in San Luis Potosi, Mexico called Mauna Kea. Since we wanted to be true to our philosophy we decided not to be incorporated to the Education Ministry here in Mexico. What this means is that the kids will not get a diploma at the end of each year saying they did 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, etc. This leads to some problems for parents because if they want to change their kids to another school, they will not accept them without this diploma. This problem can be solved after age 10 because there are some government exams that can be taken after this age to get the diplomas.</div>

    This is a very strong decision-making issue that parents take into account when applying to schools and we are having a lot of difficulty to get them in.

    One way to get this diploma before age 8 is if we can get a US government diploma. In this way we take that document here to the Education Ministry and they make the Mexican equivalent, problem solved. To do this I am looking for a school in the US with similar philosophies to ours, that can make some kind of online exam to our kids after each school year of elementary school and thus give a US government diploma/papers to validate each school year.

    I hope I made myself clear because if I find one such school, we can really get a lot of kids on board.


    Guillermo Borbolla

    Mauna Kea founder





    Have you reached out to Jerry Mintz at AERO about this?



    Hello Tomis

    Thanks for your reply

    That´s a good idea, I will contact him




    Great. yeah, let us know what he says. He probably has more experience with this than us. The rules in the US for granting diplomas are based on which State you’re in, so it is hard to say how it works here universally. The problem with one of our schools doing this for you is that we are “out there” or “radical” to the government and what they probably want to see from you in Mexico is that there’s a traditional or at least well-established US school that would validate your school.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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