Let's define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

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    A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the bare minimum that must be done for us to consider the website (or any project) ready for launch.

    This is an open discussion around ideas and possibilities.

    I will define some terms:

    • ALC Network site – this is the top level site, think of it like the mother ship.
    • ALC Groups – This forum is within a Group called Developers, groups are the basic building block of all sub sites
    • Sub Sites – These are sites for schools, students, facilitators, projects, or groups which are within the network site (e.g. they are in the network)

    Here are my thoughts thus far:

    Network Site

    The ALC Network site needs to explain what Agile Learning is and provide a pathway to get involved as a facilitator, visitor, student, or donor.

    Agile Learning Center (School) Site

    Each ALC needs it’s own site with information about Agile Learning and how it is applied to that particular school, for MVP we should have Mosaic and Manhattan Schools set up. This will require a theme being developed (based off an existing one).

    Student / Facilitator Site

    Each student/facilitator should have a site where they can do reflection and build a portfolio. I think the best way to do this would be to have a theme, much like the schools will have, that is for student/facilitators

    I will create a document where we can download stuff that we discuss here.



    Sweet! This all sounds good.

    I’m going through my photos looking for potentially useful things. Also, I noticed that some of the language we’re putting up is pretty dense, and I’d be up for drafting more accessible re-writes if that’s something other people would want to see happen. So 11-year-olds who find our site can get excited and then share it with their parents… 🙂



    @abby, the text so far is stuff I’ve pulled from the existing web sites (http://www.agilelearn.org/) so I’d wait til the new content people have been working on is up before you go back over it.

    Here is a link to the forthcoming MVP outline document


    Sara Smith

    I put some simpler copy on the front page per Abby’s suggestion. I can’t see how to adjust the font.

    I moved the copy that was there to the “about” page and added a link at the bottom to “A Day in an ALC” that I am hoping @abby might have some pictures to insert.


    Sara Smith

    Also, I tried to add some resources (copied from the resource doc sent to us before the intensive), but nothing is showing up on that page. It appears to be set up to receive content differently?



    Awesome work @sarasmith don’t worry too much about the font and style of the copy, I can come back through and make that stuff work. Right now we need to focus on content, not presentation.

    The reason you couldn’t edit the resouce page is because I’m using a plugin called “page builder” which appears as a tab on the top right of the editing window, check it out and play around with it a bit, I don’t know if we really will want to use it moving forward… I’ll let you (and others) be the judge. It allows us to make more complex pages, but it’s kinda wonky, so I don’t know…

    I’ve removed the pagebuilder content so now your edits should show up.


    Sara Smith

    Okay, so there is at least SOMETHING on every page. I do wonder if the drop down for “get involved” should just be “find an ALC” and “donate,” and then the individual ALC websites have the visiting, volunteering and enrollment info. Otherwise, ideas as far as content for those pages is welcome/needed. Also, not sure if more can be done with the community page right now or not.

    Can we embed the videos on the resources page?

    Fonts need adjusting on most pages.

    More pictures needed!

    Are we going to make any of the forums private? Right now this thread is visible to the public…



    @nancy and I have been working hard on delivering content to drew via Google Docs. @sarasmith, do you want shared on these?

    We also got a MVP for the back-end of the Network site sketched out.

    I’m gonna try and get a similar content (front-end) sketch sent to drew for the Network site by tomorrow as well.

    Also, I’m using this Trello (kanban) board to manage the workflow for website development. If you want to join the board, first join Trello and then I can invite you.


    Leigh Fransen

    I joined Trello, please add me to any/all boards that I possibly ought to be involved in!

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