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    Abram de Bruyn

    I’m looking for a place to have a discussion or put ideas about things that i’m noticing about how i use the site.  I am not intending for this to be a complaints forum topic – I want to track ideas and build a possible backlog of areas to improve.  Maybe its a good idea to list the problem first, then a possible solution, or a request for other solutions.

    Example 1:

    Every time I post to Tomis the message is sending three times for some reason which is going to be really irritating as we are constantly sending each other messages.

    The above example is just a plea for someone else to fix it for me.

    Example 2:

    Problem – I notice that the messages between me and Tomis are constantly building up on the single threaded message.  This means I’m having to scroll to the bottom of a message before I can read the latest news.

    Solution – I want to be able to read the newest message first, or as in my gmail, to have the earlier conversations ‘stacked’ (or “concertina’d”?).

    Request – @drew (after I’ve trawled WordPress for a possible hack that I think will work), can you walk me thru how we’d make this upgrade?

    Hopefully the second example is a little clearer.  And yes, Drew, it is something I want to try to resolve.

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