ALF Weekend – Chatham, NY – (October 10-12)


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    We will be having our first ALF Weekend this October 10-12 in Chatham, NY (Cloudhouse).

    In short, the purpose of an ALF Weekend is to gather the ALF community to strengthen our relationships, reflect on our work and continue to evolve the Agile Culture model together, as well collaborate around other ALC-related projects.

    We would love for any and all ALFs to attend, however we will have to consider both monetary resources and physical space accommodations.  The first priority will be to get all the active ALFs (anyone working directly with an ALC) to attend. If we have room and resources beyond that, then we could open it up to a larger group.

    @bear — how many do you think QIVC/Cloudhouse can have?

    Ideally, I’d like to at least see:

    • Bear
    • Drew
    • Tomis
    • Ryan
    • Abby
    • Abe
    • Nina
    • Nancy
    • Charlotte
    • Luc
    • Dan

    Could we make room for even more?



    A logistical note – Charlotte, Luc and I were planning to drive up to DC Wednesday night, Oct 8th, and then drive the rest of the way up on October 9th. That has us arriving a night early – Bear is this ok, or do you want us to arrive on the 10th?




    Nancy, You, Charlotte and Luc coming up a day early is cool, and/but, will you not also be coming up with Dean and maybe Felicia?



    Tomis, that list looks like it’s the max we’ll likely be able to accommodate that weekend, with the present setup. Folks campung could open more potential. I have not yet spoken to QIVC about this, as I’m waiting for tone setting to have happened and past successfully to make the request, so ill be in a place to get on that next Friday.



    Bear — Ok. I am supposed to get an ALF Weekend proposal to Steve C. so let’s pick this back up soon after tone-setting.

    What is the current state/availability of the Canaan house?



    If room and resources are greater, then I would love to add (invite):

    • Dean
    • Felicia
    • Eric F
    • Sara Smith
    • Leigh
    • Sarah Stephens
    • Aldo
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