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    Abram de Bruyn

    At the ALF Weekend in October 2014, a group of ALFs decided to try to formally create an education based readings book club.  This was done in order to share our experiences and responses to these resources with the broader community.  The idea is that we will be able to engage more deeply with the texts (for ourselves) and to create shareable value (for our community).

    To begin with we are starting with this basic format:

    1. Each Month, the group will decide on a text to read.
    2. A topic with a discussion question or comment will be created.
    3. Everyone who wants to will read the text.
    4. Critical responses will be posted to the discussion topic.
    5. A Google hangout will take place after everyone’s responses, and a new text will be chosen.


    Hey guys!

    So the Punished by Rewards reading didn’t really work out…it was a tough read. I wrote a blog post today about me re-reading Democratic Education and thought that maybe our reading club could be a big more organic – perhaps when we read books that inspire us we can then share our thoughts via blog and also post here?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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