ALCs EPIC Life Learning Community

EPIC Life Learning Community

Tell us a bit about your story and where you are in your process of starting a self-directed learning community.

We are 3 female cofounders (Kelci, Kristen, Cassidy) with different types of experience in SDE.
Kristen- worked at a democratic school in DFW for 3 yrs, degree in Child Development
Kelci- gentle parenting mom, children’s book author, parent of 2 self-directed learners
Cassidy- was a public school teacher for 5 yrs, spent a year interning at self-directed spaces

We joined together because the democratic school moved an hour away from their original location in DFW and many families lost their learning community. We are stepping up to fill this gap!

We are opening Sep 3rd 2019!

Why do you want to be an ALC Member?

EPIC Life Learning Community staff values the power ALC tools and frameworks bring to creating the culture and structures of a healthy learning community. We are excited to access advice and resources from the wider ALC network.

Which aspect(s) of ALC membership are most appealing to you and what kind of support do you desire/need?

Culture Creation- changeup meeting, community mastery board
Sharing (last step of intention cycle)
Marketing/explaining model/outreach/network
Starting a learning center
These are most appealing because we need support for these!

Anything else we should know?

We are officially members of the Liberated Learners Network and intend to use agile tools for community and culture building.

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