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Cottonwood NYC

Tell us a bit about your story and where you are in your process of starting a self-directed learning community.

We started 5 years ago as a homeschool Cooperative in Sara Taleff's living room and grew large enough to rent a church basement, form a business, and, next year, have our own center. We have had Roots in the ALC network through Sara and this year our whole staff have committed to a number of ALC and SDE trainings and events to develop our understanding of the philosophy, tools, and language used.

Why do you want to be an ALC Member?

I want to promote this movement for free learning and to work with people who are aligned with the same philosophy in how to do it. I want myself and our staff to keep connecting with people in the network to learn about how others do the thing so we can find allies and feel supported to do it together. Finally, being an ALC (pr on our way to one!) will help us be able to very clearly state what it is we're doing by pointing to the network at large to show people how and what we do. I hope that will, in turn, forward and support ALC as well.

Which aspect(s) of ALC membership are most appealing to you and what kind of support do you desire/need?

To have all Cottonwood staff on the slack channel would be awesome. Also to do inter ALC exchanges would be great!

Anything else we should know?

Nada 🙂

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