ALCs Arcadia Agile Learning Center

Arcadia Agile Learning Center

Tell us a bit about your story and where you are in your process of starting a self-directed learning community.

I’m’ hopefully about a month away from launching. The plan is for a home-ed co-op that kids can attend more than one day/week and where the parents can drop off the kids. Eventually we’ll have forest school one day/week as well and run all ages from 5-17.
Alternative schooling access is very limited in Brisbane, and with the government restrictions on land being a huge stumbling block for the (at least 6) parent-led groups trying to develop independent schools, I figured there had to be another way.

Why do you want to be an ALC Member?

I really like the ALC model, it fits really well with what I had been thinking, and having some sort of model that we’re affiliated with will give legitimacy.

Which aspect(s) of ALC membership are most appealing to you and what kind of support do you desire/need?

The network of other ALCs to support you, the startup documents and the ability to be listed on the map.

Anything else we should know?

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