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ALC São Paulo

Tell us a bit about your story and where you are in your process of starting a self-directed learning community.

I’m Alex and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2013, I started an informal PhD about self-directed learning for adults. After publishing some books and starting a few projects around that topic, I ended up in the ALF that was held in Ecuador in May 2018.

After returning to Sao Paulo, a few other people (Juliana and Hugo) and I wanted to open the first ALC in Brazil. They have experience working with children and I want to create something like an ALC University.

Right now we’re negotiating to bring an ALF to Brazil and also preparing ourselves to open our ALC. We’re testing with some prototypes and soon enough we’ll be able to have a space and start our center.

Why do you want to be an ALC Member?

We see the ALC network as a resourceful place for learn with peers and get the last updates about the new approaches in the AL methodology. We also want to connect with people around the world to expand our impact.

Which aspect(s) of ALC membership are most appealing to you and what kind of support do you desire/need?

Most appealing aspects:
– The opportunity to learn from real people and projects
– The opportunity to connect with other ALCs and get to know them (even traveling, if possible)
– The idea of a network which is at the same time unified and flexible

Kinds of suport that we desire/need:
– Peer-to-peer calls
– Access to useful content
– Mentoring

Anything else we should know?

As I said before, we’re planning to have both children and adults in our ALC. I don’t know if there is another ALC that is experimenting with the adult public (like an ALC University). If so, I really would like to connect with and learn from them.

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