Over three months in 2020, while many of our centers were closed due by the pandemic and many folks who hadn’t questioned conventional schooling seriously before clamored to learn more about self-directed education generally and Agile Learning Centers specifically, a group of facilitators and practitioners from the network put together a 10 part webinar series to introduce some basics of how we do what we do, from their various perspectives.

April 19th, 2020: Intro to the Agile Roots hosted by Abby Oulton. Transcript here.

April 26th: 21st Century Skills hosted by Crystal Byrd Farmer. Transcript here.

May 3rd: How and Why to Co-Create A Schedule hosted by Antonio Buehler. Transcript here.

May 10: Change Up and Culture Shifting hosted by Ryan Shollenberger. Transcript here.

May 17: Conflict Resolution hosted by Jennifer Campbell. Transcript here.

May 24: Staying Connected to Why hosted by Anthony Galloway Jr. Transcript here.


May 31: SDE and Disability hosted by Crystal Byrd Farmer. Transcript here.

June 7: SDE at Home hosted by Bria Bloom. Transcript here.

June 14: What about college? Hosted by Antonio Buehler. Transcript here.

June 21: Let’s Talk About Screens, hosted by Crystal Byrd Farmer. Transcript here.

Much gratitude to Mel Compo, Karen Duek, Bria Bloom, Abby Oulton, and Jennifer Campbell for their transcription work!

Thanks also to all who made this series possible through their organizing, presenting, question-asking, and willingess to show up for a collective project during a challenging time.