• This week was our first week back from a very long winter break. heres what I did:


    Monday: NO SCHOOL


    Tuesday: 9:30 Set The Week

    10 Book club (The Maze Runner)

    11 Codenames

    2 Book club m […]

  • Today is the last day of our wings session . So let me record how it went, I didn’t quite take notes in the beginning as I should of. So I’m not sure how everything went in the beginning. But I’ll write what I […]

  • So this week I did the things below.

    Monday: 9:30 SET THE WEEK

    10 Spawn

    10:30  Reading of The Maze Runner

    1  Road trip interest  meeting

    2 Create a spawn shifting board

    3 Clean up and sp […]

  • So this was our first semi-full week with being in the school building. So thats exciting!! We didn’t have school on Monday. So here goes my first blog post in a while.


    Tuesday              Wedne […]

    • Wow Liberty! It seems to me like you managed to fit a lot in, even though you were spending so much time each day doing the drumming! I read Alona’s blog post about the drumming, and it sounds very complicated, but when I was watching, it seemed magical and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that with us! <3 If it makes you better, the drumming sequence (after Alona explained it) sounded very mathematical, and doing the zipline is probably lots of fun, but also experiencing physics! 😉

  • Hello, This week we were off Monday for Memorial Day. So, instead of school on Monday I went to the mall and grocery shopping. Not too eventful, then on Tuesday I did Spanish with Karen. Karen is a friend of […]

  • Hey, sorry I did not blog last week. Wings kids left for a trip to St. Augustine Florida early last Friday. Oh it was great, thanks for asking. We visited The Spanish Fort, A Spanish hospital museum, Kona skate […]

  • Hey people, I’m guessing that you are a little interested in why I titled my blog what I did. So in a course we are taking online,by we meaning wings folk. There are challenges in the way of adventure course and […]

  • Liberty wrote a new post, This week, on the site Liberty Crafts 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hey, This week I did not set up a sprint so FAIL. But I did do a cool thing on Wednesday called Space Jam. It consisted of music, art, rain and connection building. I got to meet some cool new people that Dean […]

  • Hey guys, this week I have decided to take a break from Spanish and work on math and drawing. So far i have practiced math but not done very much drawing. The reason i am taking a break from Spanish is because I […]

  • Liberty wrote a new post, LIFE, on the site Liberty Crafts 10 months, 1 week ago

    Hello peeps, this week i wanted to do Spanish on Duolingo but did not really have time with my new 45 minute commute from Moresville. I have recently moved in a new house located in Mooresville NC. So every day […]

  • Hi, I did not blog last week because we did not have school on Friday. So I will be blogging about my past two weeks as you can see by my title. So last week I enjoyed the cold hard terrain 2 mile hike at South […]

  • Hey, this week I enjoyed Spanish restaurant, meditative drawing, the historical hike at Cowpens National Battle Field, cooking class, Armin’s talk about what it was like as a kid for him moving to the US as a […]

  • Liberty wrote a new post, My ten day sprint, on the site Liberty Crafts 12 months ago

    Hello, last Tuesday I set up a 10 day sprint. My goal was to have a wings trip planned by the end of it. I was unable to do that because the trip we are wanting to plan is more complicated then just going to a […]

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    This week i got back to my sprint after the long break of not doing anything Spanish related pretty much. I felt pretty proud of myself for doing pretty good on Duolingo even though i have not practiced in a […]

  • Hello,this post might not be that detailed because i wrote a post and then lost it so I don’t have much more time until school ends.


    Highlights of this week: This week I enjoyed playing capture the flag […]

  • This week my tasks for my sprint were to practice Duolingo for at least 20 minutes a day. Make progress on my trip planning for wings. I also wanted to play Spanish Scrabble. This week I did not practice Duolingo […]

    • The hike was the highlight of my week! Super cool to learn about the Native Americans there (I think you have a typo with the African above 😉

      I would love to practice Spanish with you too!

  • Hey guys, this week we did not have school on Monday I believe it was a teacher work day. so instead of school on Monday I spent a little bit of time with Alex and Natalie’s horses. it was cool being around them. […]

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  • Liberty wrote a new post, My half week, on the site Liberty Crafts 1 year, 2 months ago

    Hey people, this week was a half week (just for me). My dad was in Charleston so i hd nowhere to go. I asked some people if i could stay with them and did not get a answer back. So I went up to my dads girlfriends […]

  • Hey guys, last week from Wednesday-Saturday a few of us from school (Nancy, Jess, Caleb, Zack, Andrew and I) went backpacking. We covered a little under 20  miles. We hiked part of the foothills trail that i […]

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